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What My Clients are Saying!

I have the best clients in the world! 
Here are some of their wonderful comments:

 You are so friendly and experienced. I didn't worry about her at all, knowing she was in your hands. And I hope I never have to board her again! You're it for us! -- Melanie C.

 I loved the detailed event page of the visits! -- Denise P.

 The detailed report let me know that you really got to know our girl. I feel that she got very good care while we were gone. Thank you and God bless.-- Judy E.

 What I liked best was being able to leave our pets in their own environment and know they were well taken care of! -- Aurora P.

 I enjoyed reading your daily journal of what occurred while I was gone. I also liked your flexibility and willingness to make several day visits. -- Dawn C.

 I really liked the documentation of each visit.... it makes me feel good every time I come home after youíve watched her... I can tell that sheís had attention while Iím gone and I really appreciate that! - Korbi C.

 (For us, the best part was) the picture of him and the detailed reports of each visit. We greatly appreciated the fact that you were so prompt in calling us back (to let us know how he was doing). Overall, the whole experience was beyond our expectations. You put so much effort into your work and it shows. Everything is well thought out and organized. -- Tiffany G.

 So glad that you sent the message and the pix. It is very special to have you taking care of our loved ones, and we are grateful that we found you.... We were way beyond pleased with your services! -- Jo and Mark

 Cannot improve on perfection -- Emily is super! - Gary L.

 Thanks so very much for taking such good care of the girls while we were gone....The daily notes were great as was the report card. It is very obvious to us that you really enjoy what you do and the animals love you.... Again, thanks for letting us get out of town worry-free this past weekend. We never worried a bit about the girls!!! - Cindy E.

 Sheís a great sitter for our baby boy.... Emily takes time to play with Jake and make him feel very special. He loves to get visits from her... and mom and dad donít worry about him while theyíre gone! - Lynn M.

 (What I liked best about the service was) the personal care and everything! -- Beverly K.

 Thanks to you, everything was as it should be.  You did a wonderful job and I appreciate your trip log.  Great big help!...
I know I chose the right person. - Carol G.

 We enjoyed the visit log... it was really nice to know what took place! -- Carrie H.

 Emily is so nice -- she made me feel comfortable right away.  The dogs adored her. When she came to drop off the key, Chewie, our 11-year-old puppy, heard her voice and came running in to see her. I could tell that Chewie had formed a loving bond with her new friend. -- Sandi C.

 I'm so thrilled to have found you and can't tell you what a great feeling it was to leave my little family for a few days without stress and worry. I enjoyed reading the visit reports and they are all still enjoying the little presents you left them. I especially appreciate you making an extra stop by due to the stormy weather. -- Vicki K.

 (What I liked best about the service was) how friendly you were!  Wonderful job!  We will call again! -- Carol H.

  Abby was relaxed and happy when I came home.... Thanks so much for the daily report -- I know she had a good time with you. Great job! -- Linda F.

  (What I liked best about the service was) the report card and the daily sheets!  And you are so friendly!  -- Reagan L.

  We really liked the detailed notes and emails. That helped ease our minds.  We are always hesitant to go out of town because we hate to leave our dogs alone. They are very needy and spoiled. You provided the love and attention they are used to getting.  We will no longer be hesitant to leave them.  All was perfect! You exceeded my expectations. -- Laura O.

 I just want to thank you for taking such excellent care of not only my bird but some plants too that would have bit the dust. Itís really a relief to know that I have you to depend on to take care of Baby Bird. - Terri B.

 We truly appreciated your taking care of our critters and home - THANK YOU.  We will be in touch before the next trip.
- Homer P.

Call or email today so that *you* can have a worry-free trip.
I stay home... so you donít have to!


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